"OH no you WOOD'nt!"

 BEST Summer Course in Tallinn 3th - 13th July, 2017

Do you want to discover a civilization of people who have never been touched by technology, never seen Facebook or driven a car? Where they sit in the mud and swat mosquitos away as they whittle themselves a spear?

Too bad, you would have to fly to the Amazon to find that civilization, but legend has it that there is a place in Europe, where 1.3 million people live, so nature crazed, that they make extraordinary things from trees. Our Estonian forests cover over 50% of our territory and we have nothing to do with the trees, so people have started making watches, ties, bowties and glasses that are made out of wood.

You too shall be included in this not-so-ancient ritual and get your hands dirty by making something of your own. Yes, you guessed it, out of WOOD!

We shall make you live in the magical Old Town, take you to the place where Shrek lives… not the castle...the bog and have an amazing weekend on an island. So come and join these crazy tree hugging beautiful Estonian women and hot muscular lumberjacks.