Aim and entity

BEST-Estonia is one of the 94 BEST groups of different European technical universities. It represents Estonia and we are one of the largest and strongest groups in the network of international BEST. Our main goal is to diversify the theoretical education of technical students by offering different opportunites for self-development: complement Your field of study by getting extra-experience, collaborate with people studying in other fields, working internationally, travelling and learning about different cultures etc.

An average TUT student usually spends a great deal of time achieving mastery in his own field of engineering. The role of BEST however is to complement these engineering skills. It does this through expanding one's social network and providing new outlets for students. BEST offers a vast array of opportunities for self development and enables students to broaden their view of the world.

 - Additional knowledge in Your field of study in international enviroment.

By taking part in short courses around Europe, taking part in engineering competitions (which are not only for engineers) or getting an international job in the European subsidiary of some of the biggest corporations in the world.

 - Get to know other fields of study and different students with different skillsets

By taking part in the short courses in Your field of study, organising some bigger project, which needs people with different skillsets (for example IT, engineer, designer,
finances, ...)

 - Develop Your skills generally

By taking part in our professional trainings (courses), the members of our organisations can develop themselves free of charge in technical (design programs, IT, sales, marketing, ... ) and also more general skills (leadership, teamwork, time management, ... ). This can be done either locally or internationally.

 - Experience international work environment.

By focusing on the international side of BEST, where students from different countries work on a project together. The work is usually done online.

 - Get to know different cultures

By using our network and acquaintances all across Europe. What would be better than to have friends Your age in different European countries and cities. No tourism company can show You the local culture as well as other local students and friends.

In Estonia we have two main directions: local and international, which we keep developing with around 50-60 students.

 Local Side : 

We deal with the students of TUT, offering them opportunities for career locally and direct the people, who are interested, into foreign countries. The biggest projects are BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC Tallinn) and the career fair Key to the Future.

 International side: 

We bring European students to Estonia, expanding their horizon with local culture and knowledge. The courses and work-related events held in Tallinn are very popular and the quality of the content has taken us to the top of the charts. Also, there is a high involvement of members who take part in the international work and development of BEST.